Test Your App in China before Distribution to Chinese App Stores
China has 830 million internet users in 2018, which is the largest group of internet users in the world. The huge Chinese market attracts so many Internet companies including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Uber, Airbnb and so on.
Allen Xue
Most Popular Smartphone Brands and Models in China
If you have decided to release your app to China app market, one important thing you need to do is to test it on Chinese brand smartphones and see how it performs. China smartphone market is prospering and most Chinese mobile users are now using Chinese brand phones.
Json Zhang
How to promote your app in China?
App marketing in China shares something in common with app promotion in any other countries or regions. However, you also need to take into consideration the cultural elements and specific features of China app market. This article will introduce you to some most efficient approaches to app promotion in China.
Judy Zhu
Most useful apps to travel and live in China (2)
The previous blog has introduced you to some useful apps for your trip to China. If you decide to stay in China for a long time because you want to start a career in China, or simply because you fall in love with the country, here are some other must-have apps to connect with people and for entertainment in your leisure time. Some of them remain the top 10 Apps in Chinese App stores throughout the year.
Grace Mao
How to receive in-app payments from Android users in China?
You have developed a perfect app and you plan to launch it to China app stores. Now an important question arises in your mind—can I use Google Play to receive in-app payment from my Android users in China? The answer is “NO, you cannot.”, because Google Play is not available in China.
Emma Lee
Top 10 app stores in China
What makes Chinese app market different is that there are more than a bunch of app stores in China. This article will introduce you to the top 10 app stores in China.
Nancy Zhou
  701 Taogan Road, Sheshan, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China 201602