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What makes Chinese app market different is that there are more than a bunch of app stores in China. This article will introduce you to the top 10 app stores in China.

Top1: Tencent MyApp (Yingyongbao)

Market share: 24.73%

Developer: Tencent


Top2: Huawei App Market

Market share: 21.54%

Developer: Huawei


Top3: OPPO App Store

Market share: 19.10%

Developer: OPPO

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Top4: Xiaomi App Store

Market share: 10.46%

Developer: Xiaomi


Top5: Baidu Mobile Assistant

Market share: 7.24%

Developer: Baidu


Top6: Wandowjia

Market share: 4.31%

Developer: Beijing Zhuoyi Xunchang Technology


Top7: PP Assistant

Market share: 4.12%

Developer: Alibaba


Top8: 360 Mobile Assistant

Market share: 3.66%

Developer: Beijing Star World Technology


Top9: VIVO App Store

Market share: 2.29%

Developer: vivo

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Top10: Android App Market

Market share: 1.51%

Developer: Anzhi


The related data were collected and calculated in March 2019.

In all, almost all the most popular app stores in China offer their users numerous choices of apps, user-friendly operation, and quick and safe download.

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