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The previous blog has introduced you to some useful apps for your trip to China. If you decide to stay in China for a long time because you want to start a career in China, or simply because you fall in love with the country, here are some other must-have apps to connect with people and for entertainment in your leisure time. Some of them remain the top 10 Apps in Chinese App stores throughout the year.

================Shopping & Life================


International equivalents:Amazon/ eBay

App Intro: Online shopping has boomed in China these years. Taobao and Jindong stand as the biggest e-commerce market shareholders.


International equivalent:Offerup

App Intro: Xianyu is also provided by Alibaba for users to sell and buy second-hand products.

Alipay(支付宝)/ WeChat Pay(微信支付)

International equivalents:PayPal/Cash/Venmo

App Intro: Most mobile users in China have abandoned the habit of taking real money in their pockets while hanging out because most stores in China accept WeChat Pay and Alipay. Note that you need to open a bank account in China to use them.

Youku(优酷)/ Iqiyi(爱奇艺)/ Tencent Video(腾讯视频)/ Bilibili(哔哩哔哩)

International equivalents:YouTube/Netflix/Hulu (blocked in China)

App Intro: Most Chinese users will open Youku, Aiqiyi or Tencent Video if they want to watch a movie or a TV show. Bilibili is highly popular among Chinese youngsters. You can watch videos posted by other people and you can also have your own channel and upload your videos.


International equivalents:IMDb/Rotten Tomatoes

App Intro: On Douban you can search for the rating and reviews of movies, TV shows and books by other viewers.

NetEase Music(网易云音乐)/ QQ Music(QQ音乐)/ Xiami Music(虾米音乐)

International equivalents:Spotify/ PanDoRa (blocked in China)

App Intro: NetEase Music, QQ Music, and Xiami Music are the three best music apps in China. You can discuss with other music lovers and receive music recommendation tailored to your taste.

Tiktok (抖音)

App intro: Tiktok is a Chinese local app to watch and make and share short videos. It is awfully popular both within and outside China.


International equivalents:Goodreads (blocked)

App intro: You can read and purchase e-books on it.


International equivalents:Quora (blocked)

App intro: One of the biggest ask-and-answer communities in China cyberspace.

Toutiao(今日头条)/Tencent News(腾讯新闻)

International equivalents:Apple News/Google news (blocked)

App intro: Toutiao and Tencent News pushes real-time news to its users in forms of article and short videos.


International equivalents:Workout trainer

App intro: Keep provides its users with personalized workout guide.

================Social Media================

WeChat (微信)/ QQ

International equivalents:Facebook/ WhatsApp (blocked in China)

App Intro: WeChat and QQ, both provided by Tencent, are the best social apps in China. WeChat is a super App with various uses including chatting with friends (sending text or voice messages/ making video phone calls), paying bills, posting pictures, reading news, etc. QQ shares major communication functions with WeChat but has a better performance in file transfer.


International equivalents:Twitter/Instagram (blocked)

App Intro: Weibo is like a mix of Instagram and Twitter, on which you can post photos and blogs and view your friends’ or celebrities’ posts by following their accounts.


International equivalents:Tinder

App Intro: Momo is an online dating app popular in China.


NetEase Open Course(网易公开课)

International equivalents:Coursera/Udemy

App Intro: NetEase Open Course offers both free open courses given by professors of prestigious universities in China and abroad and fee-based courses on a specific skill or subject to its users.


NetEase Mail Master(网易邮箱大师)

International equivalents:Gmail (blocked)

App Intro: You will not be able to contact your business partner or friends through Gmail during your stay in China. Some mailboxes Chinese people frequently use are QQmail and 163mail. And you can use NetEase Mail Mater to manage several different mail accounts.

Tencent Docs(腾讯云文档)/ Shimo Docs(石墨文档)

International equivalents:Google Docs (blocked in China)

App intro: With Tencent Docs and Shimo Docs you can cooperate with others to edit the documents.

WPS Office

International equivalents:Microsoft Office

App intro: WPS is a free app to share, edit and upload documents.


Tens of app stores

International equivalents:Google Play Store (blocked in China)

App Intro: Any of the most popular app stores like Tencent MyApp, Huawei App Market, Baidu Mobile Assistant can cover your daily download needs.

Hexun(和讯)/ EastMoney(东方财富)

International equivalents:Bloomberg

App intro: They are popular apps to acquire information about finance and market.

Dazhihui(大智慧)/ RoyalFlush(同花顺)

International equivalents:Robinhood/E-Trade/Scottrade

App intro: Popular among stock market investors.


International equivalents: TechCrunch

App intro: 36Kr presents news and info of Internet business and startups to its users.

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These top apps will make life and work in China more convenient and colorful as China is entering the Internet+ era. But if you must use the apps blocked in China on some occasions, you can use them with a VPN.

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