How to promote your app in China?
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App marketing in China shares something in common with app promotion in any other countries or regions. However, you also need to take into consideration the cultural elements and specific features of China app market. This article will introduce you to some most efficient approaches to app promotion in China.

Before app promotion

1. Brainstorm a nice Chinese name for your app

A good app name should be short, precise, eye-catching and easy to remember. It helps your app to get more downloads and attract more attention when your users try to recommend it to their friends. Be careful of the culture elements while giving your app its Chinese name.

2. Translate your app

Translate your app is one of the very first steps of app localization. Only by creating a Chinese version can you really get your app reach the vast Chinese market. APKChina provides app translation service for your app in Chinese locale, please contact us for detail.

3. Test your app in China’s Internet environment

Internet environment in China is special. Google, Facebook, AWS services are not available in China, which causes many mobile apps not to work in China. And with numerous mobile phone manufactures in China, the fragmentation issue is worse. So before promotion make sure that your app works smoothly under China’s Internet environment. APKChina provides app test service for your app in real China environment, please contact us for detail.

4. Proper size of installation package

Try to control the size of the installation package because most mobile users would consider the size when they are deciding whether to download the app or not.

5. Improve UI/UX design

No one would dislike an app that is beautifully designed, simple to use, user-friendly. Don’t forget to look specifically at the using habits of Chinese mobile users. For example, most Chinese users don’t have Facebook or Google accounts (blocked in China), nor do they have the habits of signing in with email boxes. Instead, they prefer to sign in with QQ, WeChat, or their mobile phone number through a verification code. Try to simplify the sign-in procedure so as to reduce the possibility of losing users during this process.

You can download apps developed by your Chinese competitors and investigate the features of these apps so that you can look into the habits of Chinese users. You may also invite your Chinese friends to try your app and ask for advice from them. Even a simple adjustment can make a great difference.

Promotion inside App store

1. ASO

About 80% of app downloads normally come from in-app-store searches. So you should seek searching keywords in mandarin of your app, and make the best of them in your app description. Choose screenshots carefully, design an eye-catching icon, and it is best to create a short video for your app. And you could add some attention-grabbing tags behind your app title to win more downloads. ASO is a big topic so I recommend you to explore more about it. APKChina provides ASO service for your app in China market, please contact us for detail.

2. Utilize campaigns of app stores

Some top Chinese app stores like Xiaomi, 360 have promotional activities like New App Self-recommendations, Most Beautifully Apps. It is free to apply for such chances. If your app is able to get recommended by the app store, more users are likely to know and download your app.

3. Update your app

Some Chinese app stores encourage developers to update their app and offer ranking rewards to the new app and updated apps. APKChina provides app release and maintains service for your app in China market, please contact us for detail.

Promotion outside app stores

1. Utilize Baidu wiki

Build a profile of your app on Baidu Wiki, which helps on SEO. You could also build a website of your app, and add it to your Baidu wiki description.

2. Make the best use of SNS

SNS helps you publicize your app and connects you to your users. You can either run accounts on major Chinese social media yourself or try to find KOLs of your targeted users to help promote your app. Followings are the most important SNS in China and the typical promotion approaches on these platforms:

WeChat -run official accounts and post articles, develop a mini-program to promote your app.

Weibo (Chinese equivalents of Twitter)-post articles, find KOLs

Douban- you can find Douban groups of your targeted users by searching on Douban

Zhihu (the Chinese equivalent of Quora)-post articles, answer questions, interact with KOL

Baidu Tieba and other online forums and communities

International platforms (Facebook、Twitter、Ins、Quora、YouTube) could also help

3. Promote on Tiktok

Tiktok has been emerging as a great platform to promote one’s product or brand. It is a platform where any users can post short videos, usually less than one minute long. The reasons why it is an ideal promotion platform for you include:

1) The volume of traffic is significantly gigantic due to the short length of videos; anyone has the chance to get thousands of views and likes.

2) The cost (money/time) is low. A smartphone, the editing tools in the Tiktok and a creative idea, are all you need to make an amazing video.

3) No language barrier. You don’t have to say something in the video to get your viewers to understand your idea.

4. Promote through vertical media

Vertical media refer to platforms targeted at a specific industry. You could also try to contribute articles or videos about your app to some vertical media. They may post articles on app evaluation or app recommendation. If your app is not chosen, don’t give up and try several more times.

5. Buy downloads and reviews

To accelerate promotion, you may buy downloads and pay people to write reviews, but remember it is all based on the real quality of your app. Otherwise, it would become meaningless. APKChina provides ASO improvement service for your app in app stores, please contact us for detail.

6. Join online self-help groups

You can search and join some self-help groups on QQ or Weibo, where you could find app other developers and help to promote each other’s app.

7. Offline campus promotion

On Chinese university campus, you can often see people giving away fliers with QR codes of downloading a specific app. Sometime you may be told that by downloading the app and registering an account in the app you would receive a little gift in return. Such a campaign can get most of the students in one university know your app.

After app promotion

1. Collect users’ comments and maintain communication with them. Value your users’ comments and rates, modify your app to adapt to your users' needs. Your users are your free resources to promote your app. APKChina provides app customer care service for your app in Chinese app stores, please contact us for detail.

2. By tracking and managing users’ data, you can have a deeper insight into your users.

3. In-app promotion campaigns. After users have downloaded your app, you need to think about customer maintenance. Giving bonus to users who check-in in continuous days or invite their friends to use your app can win you more loyal users.

4. Have some patience. The grow of your user pool need time. You may start with dozens of angel users but once the number reaches a certain point, it will grow at an amazing speed especially in such a vast and promising Chinese app market.

Promotion in any forms comes down to the app itself, especially the stability in China. If it crashes frequently, your users might remove it from their mobile phones no matter how great it is and it also leads to a low rate in app stores.

If you are looking for a partner or an agent in China to help you release app in China app stores, maintain app in China app stores, test app in real China environment, register software copyright in China or register a company in China, please reach out to us at or visit our website at Following are some other articles that you may be interested in:

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