Most Popular Smartphone Brands and Models in China
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If you have decided to release your app to China app market, one important thing you need to do is to test it on Chinese brand smartphones and see how it performs. China smartphone market is prospering and most Chinese mobile users are now using Chinese brand phones.

In this article, we will give you an insight into the most popular devices in China, as well as their flagship models. You will need this information to decide what devices you want to test on in order to guarantee your app quality in China.

(Market data from IDC.COM)

1. APPLE(China Market share 2018:24.9%)


iPhone XS/XS MAX ¥8199/9099

iPhone XR ¥6199

iPhone 8/8P ¥4799/5699

iPhone 7/7P ¥3599/4499

2. Huawei华为(China Market Share 2018:23.6%)


High-end: ¥2999 above

Huawei Mate Series: Mate20/20pro ¥3199/4499, Mate10 ¥3999

Huawei P Series: P30/30 pro ¥3998/5488, P20/20 pro ¥3388/3688

Huawei Honor NUMBER Series: Honor 20/20 pro ¥2999/3499

Medium-end: ¥1099~2999

Huawei Nova Series: Nova5/5pro ¥2799/2999, Nova4 ¥2699,

Nova5i ¥1999, Nova4e ¥1799

Huawei Honor V Series: Honor V20 ¥2399

Low-end: ¥1099 below

Huawei Honor X Series: 8x ¥1099

Huawei Honor C Series: 8C ¥700

Huawei Honor A Series: 8A ¥799

3. OPPO(China Market Share 2018:18.4%)


High- end: ¥2000 above

OPPO Reno Series: Reno ¥2599, Reno z ¥2299

OPPO R Series: R17 pro ¥2499/2699

Medium-end: ¥1000~2000

OPPO R Series: OPPO R15x ¥1699

OPPO A Series: A9/ A9X ¥1699/1999, A7 ¥1499, A5 ¥1199

Low-end: below¥1000 below

OPPO A Series: OPPOA57 ¥799

4. Vivo(China Market Share 2018:15.8%)


High-end: ¥2000 above

Vivo IQOO Series: Vivo IQOO ¥2798

Vivo Nex Series: Vivo Nex ¥4298

Vivo X Series: X27/27 pro ¥3298/3998, X23 ¥3198

Medium-end: ¥1000~2000

Vivo Y Series: Y97 ¥1898, Y66i ¥1198, Y85 ¥1098

Vivo S Series: S1 ¥1998

Vivo Z Series: Z5x ¥1398

Low-end: ¥1000 below

Vivo U Series: U1 ¥799

5. Xiaomi小米(China Market Share 2018:7.3%)


High-end: ¥1999 above

Xiaomi Number Series: Xiaomi9 ¥2799, Xiaomi8 ¥2099

Xiaomi MIX Series: MIX3 ¥2599, MIX2 ¥1999

Redmi K Series: Redmi K20/K20 pro ¥1999/2499

Medium-end: ¥1000~2000

Xiaomi MAX Series: MAX3 ¥1899, MAX2 ¥1399

Xiaomi NOTE Series: NOTE3 ¥1499

Xiaomi CC Series: CC9 ¥1799

Low-end: ¥1000 below

Redmi Note Series: Redmi NOTE7 ¥999

Redmi A Series: 6A ¥549

6. Samsung(China Market Share 2018: 1.6%)


High-end: ¥4000 above

Galaxy S Series: Galaxy s10 ¥5999, Galaxy s9 ¥4299

Galaxy Note Series: Galaxy note9 ¥4899, Galaxy note8 ¥4599

Low-medium-end: ¥1000~3000

Galaxy A Series: Galaxy A70 ¥2799, Galaxy A8s ¥ 2299, Galaxy A60 ¥1499

(The prices above were collected from ZOL.COM on 11/07/2019 and might change over time.)

As is known, the biggest difficulty of Android testing is the fragmentation. From the information above, we can see that the fragmentation issue in China is even worse. So, it is essential to test your app in the major Chinese local brands before launching your app to China. Besides the variety of Chinese phone brands, we also mentioned in the other blogs that the special network environment in China is also a reason for why you must test your app in china before launch.

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If you are looking for a partner or an agent in China to help you release app in China app stores, maintain app in China app stores, test app in real China environment, register software copyright in China, apply for ICP filing, or register a company in China, please reach out to us at or visit our website at Following are some other articles that you may be interested in:

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