Test Your App in China before Distribution to Chinese App Stores
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China has 830 million internet users in 2018, which is the largest group of internet users in the world. The huge Chinese market attracts so many Internet companies including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Uber, Airbnb and so on.

Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) are the most important products of many Internet companies. Those apps’ success or not in China determines the success of their company in China. However, many of those Internet companies do not know the local Chinese market well enough. As a result, they spent much money on marketing but did not get a good enough return due to their app’s poor performance or localization in China.

To help you prevent these issues, this article will present you with the special factors in the Chinese market and explain the reason why you need to test your mobile apps in the real Chinese environment before you launch it to Chinese app stores.

Network Environment

As you might know, you cannot access the internet in the rest of the world if you live in mainland China. In the case of the mobile app, your customers in China are highly likely to get troubles in accessing your web services which are hosted outside China. This can destroy your app users’ experience.

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Operating system

Fragmentation is a known pain for Android developers. It is even worse in China because of the various local device brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and VIVO which takes the most market share in China mobile phone market. So, testing your app on Samsung, Google devices cannot prove that your apps are working well on the Chinese devices.

Also, Android devices sold in China market do not have Google Play or related Google services. It makes the situation even worse. So, international app developers must make sure that their apps are working well on devices without Google Play or Google services.

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The international payment method like Paypal is not integrated well in China due to the network environment. But China has its Third-Party payment methods. Reported by Analysys Research Institution in 2018, the Third-party payment market has reached up to 43835 billion RMB. Among all the payment service providers, Alipay (53.71%) and WeChat Pay (38.82%) are the top two payment methods no matter online or offline. If you want to enable Chinese people to buy your goods in App, you must add in these major payment methods and take a rigid test on the check-in/out process.

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Take your eyes on the content. There should be no illegal or sensitive information in your app, otherwise, it will be off the market. Again, every single word on your app is monitored so make sure the content follows the rules!

Now you must have known the importance of testing in the real Chinese environment. If you are looking for a partner or an agent in China to help you release app in China app stores, maintain app in China app stores, test app in real China environment, register software copyright in China or register a company in China, please reach out to us at or visit our website at Following are some other articles that you may be interested in:

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